Rose & Thorn Journal  -  Fall 2012

Table of Contents

Jack Buckeridge
 Mountain High
a man breathlessly confronts the seeming inevitability of his demise
Christi Craig

 Iron Shadows
disgruntled by her neighbor's unseemly metal sculptures, Millie confronts Mr. Benjamin, only to make an unnerving discovery
André DeCuir
 The Fog Witch
a stowed sailboat may be just the vessel needed to capture a dream
Sue Ellis
 The Caretaker
serving and protecting others sometimes comes at the expense of your own desires
Linda Gartz
 The Urban Jungle
when predator becomes pet, a child learns the "unvarnished cycle of life"
Gloria Garfunkel
Fairy Tale in Dachau
a young woman tugs at the frayed threads of family survivorship while visiting her parents and grandparents who were imprisoned during the Holocaust
Juanita McGregor
Hail Christmas
football provides a near-perfect cloak of invisibility for a husband, which his wife tries to break through with illusions of holiday bliss
Stephen Parrish
 A Parable
in which a lesson is learned about priorities and the power of dreams
Marlene Prost
join a woman as she painfully experiences this Jewish memorial service

 Wendy Russ
The Nature of Things

an unnamed couple sublimate the tensions in their marriage through the tending of a garden

J. T. Whitehead

Happy Holidays

a family Christmas letter gives new meaning to holiday humor

Gale Acuff
Lorie Allred
One Month After Leaving
The Letter Writer
Cathy L. Gabel
Maps and Meteorites

 Carolyn Kegel
 Annmarie Lockhart
What Goddesses and Mothers Learn
Nothing in a Hat Box
 Anne Britting Oleson
 Beating the Storm
 Russell Rowland
Count It All Joy
 Mary Stone Dockery
After Moving
Becoming Windows
 Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin
All Day, Clearing
July Is Mean and Limp
 Michael J. Vaughn
An Author Talks With His Protagonist
 Robert E. Wood
Ambiguities of Ljubljana